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Welcome to Team Castrol Racing. Thank you for joining us on our trip from Islamorada, Florida to Tybee Island, Georgia. This is the second year of this 500 mile race.

Here we go again. Thanks to all our family and friends for helping us get through our adventure to Tybee Island. We have the same team as last year, Jay & JC, Laurel, Debbie, Terry and Chris Runge. " The Boat Guy " will be on the ground for this trip.

The Road Crew (Trailer Hookers) are traveling in a motor home this year. The sailors are on JC's new Inter 20 with new sails. Team Castrol is once again ready for a fast adventure. We will try to provide action photo's and current information about the race, on this site, so visit us daily for "on the road" updates, "from the water" experiences, and pictures as we make our way up the coast.

Meet the Team:

Jay Sonnenklar, crew. He has been catamaran sailing for over 20 years, getting his start in 1981 on a Prindle 16. He is an experienced long distance racer with trips from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona Beach and Key West on his Hobie 21. He has completed the Hogs Breath Keys 100, Mug Race, Steeplechase, Miami-Key Largo, and the Worrell 1000. Jay sails a Hobie 21 and an Inter 20. He says,"Completing this race gave me a new level of confidence and a renewed passion for sailing. I can't wait to do it again!"

John Casey, Skipper. John Casey started racing sailboats when he was 11 years old, capturing many trophies sailing scows. He spent most of his after school time at a nearby marina sailing every day. The first time he sailed a catamaran he was hooked. At 15 he had his first catamaran, a Prindle 19., which he started racing competitively all over Florida.. Now 28, he has been racing the Inter 20 competitively, going to every major race in Florida and posting top finishes.He has competed in 2 Worrell's and a Tybee, as well as numerous key largo and steeplechase's over the last few years.

Terry Greene, Team Manager. He handles navigation, charts, and weather advisories. He is our liaison to the race committee. As such he attends morning meetings, and he advises the officials of any difficulties we may have. Terry currently sails a Inter 18 in distance and buoy races.

Chris Runge is our "boat guy". He'll be in charge of rigging and repairing. Chris likes to think of himself as "just another sailor", but he is much more. He is a Inter 17R - USA 107 skipper from Vero Beach, FL and can be reached at home - sailirca@aol.com, or race site 8707419@archwirless.net .

Shore Crew (affectionately known as the "trailer hookers" because they hook and unhook that trailer countless times for 500 miles!)

Laurel Sonnenklar
Debbie Sherman

Our ground support crew is the backbone of the team. They handle all shore duties. They drive the trailer, buy and prepare food and drinks, carry bags, and check us in and out of hotels each day. They make sure the sailors are ready to go each morning and that the truck is packed for each departure. They are largely responsible for the morale of the team. We couldn't make it without them!

Thanks for checking out our web page. If you are near a checkpoint, come out and say hi .See you on the beach!

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