To keep precise control of your vehicle, the ability to steer properly is mandatory. And your ability to steer is directly affected by your car's suspension system and the proper alignment of your vehicle's wheels.

If your vehicle has a conventional suspension system, shock absorbers help hold your tires to the road when going over rough surfaces or making sudden stops. If your vehicle has a strut suspension (most front wheel drive cars and trucks do), your car has struts, which perform the same role as shock absorbers. However, struts are built-in to your suspension system, so they can also affect vehicle control, wheel alignment, and even tire wear.

Proper wheel alignment allows the suspension, whether it has shocks or struts, to deliver the highest levels of comfort, control, and safety. Warning signs of bad alignment include: steering wheel shimmy; a pull to one side when driving; tire squealing in turns; excessive vibration while accelerating; and changes in direction after hitting a bump in the road.

A trained Midas technician can help you pinpoint any alignment concerns. Additionally, the technicians can provide free steering and suspension inspections.